Thinking about meal prep for the week ahead? Try our easy slow cooker roast lamb.

Start with a leg of lamb – watch for specials at your supermarket or butcher. Begin making this dish in the morning. If the lamb is fatty, trim off the excess fat. Season with ground black pepper. For more flavor, top with a few twigs of rosemary, add some sliced garlic or rub the lamb with a mixture of cumin and coriander powder before cooking. Place the lamb into your slow cooker. Turn the slow cooker onto low and leave for the day. The exact time this dish will take depends on the size of the roast. In the evening, your slow cooked lamb will be well done and succulent. You will know when it is cooked, when the meat pulls apart easily with a fork.

Serve with roasted vegetables, or pull the meat apart and serve it with salad greens and flat bread. Left over lamb can be frozen for later, or used during the week. Try it added to salad, or fill wraps, sandwiches or bread rolls with lamb, some hommus, cucumber, tomato and lettuce for quick and easy lunches.